Volunteer Checklist

Before my observations, I need to…..

  • Keep track of when Claytonia will bloom in my area
  • Find a patch of Claytonia nearby
  • Determine if the patch of Claytonia is Claytonia virginica or Claytonia caroliniana
  • Become familiar with male- and female-phase flowers
  • Become familiar with determining the time of bloom
  • Become familiar with the types of pollinators that will be visiting
  • Make plans for when I will do observations
  • Gather materials
  • Print out Printable guide to Claytonia pollinators, Printable plant ID guide, and Printable field instructions (optional)
  • Print out Data sheets (one set for each set of observation periods)

During my observations, I need to…..

  • Fill out data sheets completely, add as many details as possible

After my observations, I need to….

  • Collect my data sheets
  • Download the Data spreadsheet and Volunteer questionnaire
  • Fill in the data spreadsheet and volunteer questionnaire
  • Send the data spreadsheet and volunteer questionnaire to spring.beauty.pollinators@gmail.com
  • Send any questions or feedback to spring.beauty.pollinators@gmail.com
  • Submit an up-close photo of a Claytonia flower from the patch where I did observations
  • Submit a photo of the patch and the surrounding area

3 Responses to Volunteer Checklist

  1. Carol Jelich says:

    Today will be partly sunny and warm here in Queenstown, I am going out to possibly do my first observation. I can’t seem to find the volunteer questionnaire mentioned in the field guide, where do I download that?

  2. Carol Jelich says:

    Never mind, found it! wish me luck 🙂

  3. jackie says:

    Good luck to your journey.

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