Questions and comments about field instructions


10 Responses to Questions and comments about field instructions

  1. Mark Priest says:


    Can you give an example of what you expect to see on the bloom time section of the data sheet? Is it just “early” or “late” or something else.

  2. Yes, I am looking for some description of whether it is early, peak, or late bloom. I’ll try to make that more clear in the instructions, thanks for bringing it up!

  3. Judi Booker says:

    How long should we anticipate the blooming season to be (I’m in northern Virginia)? I can’t seem to find this information and it would help so I can schedule my observations.

    • Good question. The bloom season lasts about 3 weeks or a month in many areas. In your area, it should last about 3 weeks – so I would expect it to be blooming in two weeks (or a bit sooner) and then lasting until around late April.

      I’ll try to post more information about bloom times, thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Mark Priest says:

    Spring Beauty is already beginning to flower in Northern Virginia. I saw a few flowers at Mason District Park in Annandale on Saturday (March 19). According to “Finding Wildflowers in the Washington-Baltimore Area” by Cristol Fleming, et. al., the bloom time for Spring Beauty in this area is mid-March through mid-April or early May.

  5. Carol Jelich says:

    Yesterday we selected the area where we will observe spring beauties, which are distributed over at least 1/4 acre in a rich bottomland area. No blooms there yet, but coming soon as there are buds. My question is, do I need to mark and return to the same spot each of my 3 times I come to observe?

  6. Carol Jelich says:

    Another question — is the hula hoop left in the same spot for all 6 observations, and observe within that plot, or do we move it each time?

  7. Therese Parys says:

    I’m trying to fill out the data sheet on the website that is to be emailed back to you. Where do I put the info on Pollinator ID, # visits male/female flowers? Under comments? I want to make sure you are getting all the necessary info.

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