Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what counts as a visit and what doesn’t?

If a pollinator touches the reproductive parts of a flower (the anthers or the stigma) it counts as a visit. Often a pollinator will come in and “touch” a flower very quickly, and sometimes it’s hard to decide if these visits count as visits. When in doubt, record the visit, but enter “touch” or any other notes about the visit in the notes column.

What if I don’t know what visited?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what visited – or perhaps it is a rare visitor! If you’re not sure what visited, record as much as you can about the visit, but enter “don’t know” in the visiting pollinator ID column. If you have any observations about the visitor, enter them in the notes column.

What if I miss something?

No problem, we all miss things sometimes! Just enter as much as you can about the visit, and enter “don’t know” or “?” for the things you don’t know. It’s important that you record the visit itself, even if you don’t have any details – it’s better we know that a visit occurred.